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After releasing her debut record "Younger Then" that combines moody folk with cinematic instrumentation, Canadian indie artist Jillian Lake is making her European debut. Pouring her heart out into her songs, she exudes an emotion that draws the audience in for more. After touring her first record across Canada, Jillian holed away during quarantine to create a self made EP of demos entitled "Attics" that remained raw and imperfect, just as she sees herself. She explored new sounds and instruments that she can bring to the stage as a new experience. Jillian will be showcasing her hit singles from "Younger Then" including "Walk All Over You" "XVII" and "Oliver" as well as her more experimental "Attics" while also tying in some new unreleased material. Spending most of the summer touring and in the studio, Jillian has a lot of new and transcendent releases coming soon, as she is in her metamorphosis as an artist.

Pressekontakt & Booking: 
Rola Music
Gonzalo Gravano-Malwitz


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Jillian Lake Tour Dates

11/05/2023Jillian LakeInnsbruckDie Bäckerei
13/05/2023Jillian LakeFreiburgKlimperstube
14/05/2023Jillian LakeBadenFrischluftbar
15/05/2023Jillian LakeWinterthurPortier
18/05/2023Jillian LakeHamburgDeichdiele
19/05/2023Jillian LakeHusumSpeicher
20/05/2023Jillian LakeFlensburgVolksbad Buckau
21/05/2023Jillian LakeHamburgWasserturm & Feuerteufel
22/05/2023Jillian LakeChemnitzInspire
23/05/2023Jillian LakeLübeckTonfink
25/05/2023Jillian LakeDresdenMora Bar
27/05/2023Jillian Lake MagdeburgVolksbad Buckau
28/05/2023Jillian Lake KölnDie Wohngemeinschaft