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ROLA MUSIC is a global music agency with a focus on tour booking, public relations, digital marketing and management. Our aim is to sustainably develop and support our artists with personalized strategies and long-term vision.

ROLA MUSIC was founded in 2010 by Dominik Schmidt in Vienna. Since the beginning, our music agency has regarded the importance of promotion and booking equally. Initially, promotional campaigns and tours were booked for local artists. Very quickly, we made a name for ourself and expanded to an international level of services and cooperations.

In 2013 we established a second location in Portland, Oregon. As a result of the expanded territory, we now operate full time from both countries, bringing US artists to the largest market in Europe; Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Every year, we book around 800 live performances within Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and the Netherlands.

The strength and core business of ROLA MUSIC includes tour booking, public relations, digital marketing, promotion, music management and artist development. We are open minded, working efficiently and transparently with attention to each individual customer.