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Portland, Oregon artist Kendall Lujan ties together strong vocals with a folk/jazz flare. Her distinct voice ties in inspiration from old jazz and old country into her own interpretation of expression. Tending to write most when she is feeling blue but as she says “sometimes people just want to feel sad, it’s actually enjoyable sometimes because it makes the happiness so much sweeter”. Her debut EP set to be released early 2023.

Pressekontakt & Booking: 
Rola Music
Zdravko Rokko Konrad


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Kendall Lujan Tour Dates

15/09/2023Kendall LujanHardKammgarn w/ Junipa Gold
16/09/2023Bobby AluKölnBlue Shell w/Kendall Lujan
16/09/2023Kendall LujanKölnBlue Shell w/ Bobby Alu
17/09/2023Kendall LujanOffenbachHafen2
17/09/2023Kendall LujanHaigerHigh Street Salon
19/09/2023Kendall LujanFrankfurtBrotfabrik w/ Bobby Alu
20/09/2023Bobby AluBerlinBadehaus w/ Kendall Lujan
20/09/2023Kendall LujanBerlinBadehaus w/ Bobby Alu
22/09/2023Kendall LujanKopenhagenKlub Geyser
23/09/2023Kendall Lujan OdensePosten w/ Kingswood
23/09/2023KingswoodOdensePosten w/ Kendall Lujan
25/09/2023Kendall LujanLübeckTonfink
27/09/2023Kendall LujanHamburgKomm Du
29/09/2023Kendall LujanLörrachNashorn Nellie
30/09/2023Early JamesFlawilKulturpunkt w/ Kendall Lujan
30/09/2023Kendall LujanFlawilKulturpunkt w/ Early James
04/10/2023Kendall LujanBrnoStara Pekárna
05/10/2023Kendall LujanBohumínCinema
06/10/2023Kendall LujanOstravaParnik