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Christopher Worth has become known for his unique style of bohemian blues which he developed as a street performer traveling across the US and Europe.  His latest album - Pardon Me - is the third and final piece in a trilogy titled The Identity Triptych that began with his first two records, Six Foot Soul and Two.  Produced by Steve Berlin, Pardon Me spans a wide range of genre and style and is tied together by melodic songwriting, potent lyricism, and Christopher’s powerful voice.  
Since the release of Pardon Me, Christopher joined forces with Eugene native David Jacobs-Strain to form an acoustic duo and production partnership. The two began playing together in 2018 after jamming around a songwriters fire and soon after were invited to play a variety of main stage sets at US festivals across the west coast.   Within only a couple months they hit the studio to track what would become Rhududu Sessions Volumes 1 & 2.  Christopher and David are currently in the middle of tracking their first full length record, Xavanadu (scheduled release 2023).
This spring, Christopher Worth will begin tracking his 4th solo full length record, drawn from songs he's been working on the past 5 years.  The sound will combine that of the first three records but has reached a new synergy between simplicity and exploration.
Christopher has opened for international acts such as Allen Stone, Everlast, and Ron Artis II, and was one of the Friday night headliners Portland's Waterfront Blues Festival (pre-pandemic).  His songs are timeless, captivating and real and tied together by the power and purity of his voice.  

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