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Flight Attendant belongs to that breed of rock bands made in Nashville, where their sound is nothing less than a sonic unicorn. Blending sounds of grunge with power-pop hooks, viola and light synth textures, they have begun to create a hypnotic sound and energy all of their own.

Glide Magazine says that Lead Singer Karalyne, “Commands your attention like Freddie Mercury working the crowd in an arena.” Flight Attendant band has been compared to No Doubt and Fleetwood Mac, or as TurnuptheVolume puts it, “Think Warpaint having a dance with Best Coast,” - This “Nashville based eclectic-indie band….is ready for take off”, Velvet Thunder [UK]

The group met through many shared interests, friend circles and glasses of wine. Karalyne (Lead Vocals, Keys, certified Sommelier, originally from Kansas City, Kansas) met Vinny Maniscalco (Vocals, Guitar, award-winning bartender, originally from Boston, Massachusetts) while bartending together at Nashville restaurant 5th & Taylor where Nikki Christie (Vocals, Viola, great at drinking wine, originally from Los Angeles, California) joined in too. It didn’t take many nights of cocktail making and wine tasting before the band formed. With the addition of drummer, and long time drinking buddy Derek Sprague (drums, lager lover and also from Boston, Massachusetts)  the lineup was complete. Together the group has released a collection of singles including pulsating grooves like “Man of Chaos,” which was described by numerous media outlets as one of the best singles of 2020. 

Flight Attendant has played sold out shows from Nashville, TN, to Austin,TX, including SXSW 2022, Tomato Art Festival and the Nashville Film Festival - where they have entranced audiences, sold out merch and created a fitting example of what's to come. They are now gearing up for a European Tour in the Fall to support their debut album, produced by Grammy Winning engineer and producer, Charles Yingling. With the help of their cabin crew, Flight Attendant is quickly making a name for themselves on the global stage. 

​Set your portable electronic devices to ‘follow FlightAttendand_band,’ mode - Captain, we are ready for takeoff!

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Flight Attendant Tour Dates

02/11/2022Flight AttendantLeipzigIlses Erika
03/11/2022Flight AttendantBerlinRoadrunners Paradise
04/11/2022Flight AttendantCottbusGaleria Fango
12/11/2022Flight AttendantRegenOberstübchen
14/11/2022Flight AttendantZürichGotthard Bar
16/11/2022Flight AttendantKlagenfurtHafenstadt
17/11/2022Flight AttendantWienB72
18/11/2022Flight AttendantMünchenLost Weekend
19/11/2022Flight AttendantNeu UlmDas Gold
20/11/2022Flight AttendantOffenbachHafen 2
21/11/2022Flight AttendantBambergLive Club
23/11/2022Flight AttendantMarburgQ
24/11/2022Flight AttendantOldenburgPolyester Klub
25/11/2022Flight AttendantEinbeckBackpackers Inn
26/11/2022Flight AttendantSaarbrückenTerminus
28/11/2022Flight AttendantAachenDomkeller
01/12/2022Flight AttendantHamburgDeichdiele
02/12/2022Flight AttendantHamburgBeLaMi
08/10/2023Flight AttendantOffenbachHafen 2
10/10/2023Flight AttendantHamburgPony Bar
11/10/2023Flight AttendantMarburgQ
13/10/2023Flight AttendantEldetalCafé Scheune
14/10/2023Flight AttendantValthermondDrentmeester
15/10/2023Flight AttendantVaalsCafé 't Vereinshoes
16/10/2023Flight AttendantAachenDomkeller
18/10/2023Flight AttendantKölnMTC
19/10/2023Flight AttendantBerlinQuasimodo
20/10/2023Flight AttendantNeu-UlmDas Gold!
21/10/2023Flight AttendantSaarbrückenTerminus
24/10/2023Flight AttendantKutná HoraČeská
25/10/2023Flight AttendantBrnoStara Perkana
26/10/2023Flight AttendantWienB72
27/10/2023Flight AttendantMünchenLost Weekend
28/10/2023Flight AttendantZürichGotthard Bar
31/10/2023Flight AttendantFreiburg im BreisgauSlow Club