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AlphaWhores is a brother/sister, Stoner/Alternative Metal duo from Panama City, Panama formed in 2021. The band’s sound is truly unique and hard to pin down, although contradictory and disparate words such as massive, raw, melodic, disturbing, catchy, relentless and fierce come to mind. The siblings (Massiel Pinzón and Juan Carlos García de Paredes) switch between low end guitars and bass split signals and drums while creating interesting vocal melodies and harmonies. The intense synergy they often achieve when playing together creates the sensation that they are two sonic entities that fuse into a single and powerful musical force. AlphaWhores’ debut album (simply titled AlphaWhores I) is fresh out of the oven and ready for the world to dig in.

Since June of 2023, the band has released five songs, including the singles “Same Team” and “Raw Nerve,” and “GTO.” Their songs have been received with praise by metal fans from all around the world, most notably in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Japan, as well as many countries in Europe. Both “Same Team” and “Raw Nerve” have been featured on “Pegadas de Andreas Kisser,” a massive radio show based in Brazil hosted by Andres Kisser, guitarist and founder of the legendary metal band Sepultura. In September 2023, “Same Team” reached # 1 in the Hypeddit Metal Chart and has remained in the top 3 ever since. In August 2023, AlphaWhores dropped Live From The Portal, a live session featuring the band’s four released songs to date on YouTube. 

In their first year releasing music, the band performed multiple times in their hometown, including a mindblowing set at Manso Fest, one of Panama's largest alternative music festivals where they were the talk of the event. Furthermore, the band is set to tour the United States in October 2024, including a performance at The Fest, a prestigious yearly event in Gainesville Florida featuring some of Heavy Rock's top acts.

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