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The Timmies only hear from their club-flirts and Tinder-matches when it suits them («Call Me»). They are waiting anxiously for their love-target to finally open up and get involved with them – probably in vain («By Your Side»). They know the feeling of a doomed relationship («A Kiss, A Bang & It’s Over») and, even more luscious, the hollowness that remains afterwards («Another Heart Has Lost
Its Place»). They are surrounded by Millennial Monsters who want everything except to commit themselves – and do it no differently, no better themselves because Tim Freitag are, also, «Monsters Forever». The pounding, often impulsive, but always charged Indie Rock Five from Zurich have a weakness for great pop and understand only too well the concerns and longings of their generation of urban, love-hungry souls. As seemingly endless as their quest for love and support was the tortuous path to their debut album: begun in 2011, this path led, in particular, frontman and singer-songwriter Janick on an odyssey to Berlin, Lisbon, and even New York -- always on the hunt for new stories, the right sound, and, last but not least, a little intimacy. Nine years
later, Tim Freitag have finally arrived. And the next journey has already begun: With «Monsters Forever» they are gigging, concert-by-concert, through Switzerland and Germany – and may finally chase down, perhaps, what they have been seeking. And if they do happen to make an emotional belly flop now and then, they’ll at least have fresh, bleeding, raw material for new songs.

Press & Booking: 
Rola Music
Gonzalo "Gonza“ Gravano - Mallwitz
Tel.: +49 171 5456496

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