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Fronted by husband and wife duo Kim West (keys and vocals) and Ryan Devlin (guitar and vocals,) Smokey Brights is a rock band out of Seattle, Washington. The couple’s entrancing bond shines through in their deeply personal cowriting as well as their ecstatic live performances. West, a barred attorney, and Devlin, who has a background in booking, publishing and punk bands, met working summers at a pizza restaurant in college. They write about their transition from young friends to life partners in their beloved city, touring in a van during the Northwest’s notoriously grey winters, and being in love in a deeply uncertain world. West and Devlin’s songs are made eminently danceable by Nick Krivchenia (drums) and Luke Logan (bass.) Krivchenia, an Ohio native from a family of musicians, brings a soulful, classic groove to Smokeys’ sound. Logan, who grew up singing folk songs with his family in Kodiak, Alaska, provides melodic bass lines and a crucial third harmony to the band’s vocals. Known for their explosive live shows that immerse the listener in warm, harmony rich, arena rock anthems, Smokey Brights instantly found a hardcore fanbase in the US, UK, and Europe, and have earned slots at SXSW, Bumbershoot, Sasquatch!, Off Beat Festival, and Treefort Music Fest. The band is set to release its third full-length LP, I Love You But Damn, on Freakout Records in 2020.

Smokey Brights were early signees to Freakout Records, along with fellow Seattle psych-rockers Acid Tongue, after gaining the love of legendary NW station KEXP. Produced by Andy Park (Death Cab for Cutie, Noah Gunderson, Ciara, Mac Miller), the band’s newest full-length, I Love You But Damn, walks a fine line between gritty NW rock and stately arena ready pop. Smokey Brights tirelessly toured and intensely demoed in their basement home studio leading up to recording I Love You But Damn, and their devotion to their craft is unmistakable in every track. 2020 will see the band touring extensively in support of I Love You But Damn, with dates planned throughout the US and Europe.

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Zdravko Rokko Konrad
Tel.: +43 680 217 33 60

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Smokey Brights Tour Dates

06/05/2022Smokey BrightsMünchenLost Weekend
07/05/2022Smokey BrightsKlagenfurtDas Wohnzimmer
10/05/2022Smokey BrightsWienHaus der Musik
11/05/2022Smokey BrightsGrazExplosiv
12/05/2022Smokey BrightsÜberseeFreiraum
13/05/2022Smokey BrightsKreuzlingenKult X
14/05/2022Smokey BrightsHasselbachLindenCult
15/05/2022Smokey BrightsRadeburgBahnhof
16/05/2022Smokey BrightsLichtentanneKulturzentrum St. Barbara
17/05/2022Smokey BrightsHannoverHölderlin Eins
18/05/2022Smokey BrightsKielHansa 48
19/05/2022Smokey BrightsGrevenbroichKultus
20/05/2022Smokey BrightsSaarbrückenTerminus
21/05/2022Smokey BrightsHanauEllis
22/05/2022Smokey BrightsBremenLitfass
24/05/2022Smokey BrightsHamburgFreundlich + Kompetent
25/05/2022Smokey BrightsHarburgKomm du
26/05/2022Smokey BrightsDachauGramsci
28/05/2022Smokey BrightsFeursChâteau du Rozier
29/05/2022Smokey BrightsOffenbachHafen 2
30/05/2022Smokey BrightsBambergLive Club
31/05/2022Smokey BrightsFreiburgKlimperstube
01/06/2022Smokey BrightsDüsseldorfHotel Friends