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With a predisposition to self-criticize and a talent for turning that into art, Bo Milli is an essential new voice in music. Through her diaristic lyrics, the super smart environmentalist writes hook after hook as she navigates her inner conflict. And indeed, in putting her own life into words, she has unknowingly narrated our collective existential angst. “Writing music is an emotional outlet, but it’s also a puzzle,” she says, reflecting on her craft. “Sentences come to me and I try to make the pieces fit together. And if just for a moment my music is a good thing in someone’s life, then I will take any opportunity to play it.”

Pressekontakt & Booking: 
Rola Music
Zdravko Rokko Konrad


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Bo Milli Tour Dates

02/11/2023Bo MilliKielHansa 48
03/11/2023Bo MilliOberhausenDruckluft
04/11/2023Bo MilliKuselKinett
06/11/2023Bo MilliKasselTheaterstübchen
07/11/2023Bo MilliMünsterPension Schmidt
08/11/2023Bo MilliDortmundsubrosa
10/11/2023Bo MilliKarlsruheZ10
11/11/2023Bo MilliSaarbrückenTerminus
12/11/2023Bo MilliBat KötztingBahnhof
13/11/2023Bo MilliWienB72
15/11/2023Bo MilliLuzernTreibhaus
16/11/2023Bo MilliKölnMTC
17/11/2023Bo MilliFrankfurtLOTTE LINDENBERG
18/11/2023Bo MilliChemnitzWeltecho
19/11/2023Bo MilliZwickauLiederbuch