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Hailed as a South African psych-rock band, The Tazers has its roots stuck in the ‘70s while incorporating modern sounds and structures. This trio packs a high-energy performance that captivates their audience with fuzz tones, vocal harmonies and powerful drum rolls. You can expect fans to dance, jump, shove, sing and even start a mosh during a live performance. The Tazers know how to entertain.

“An old-school sound with a modern-day mentality.” - Between 10 and 5.
“These local wizards of retro and reverb delivering once more on the authentic rock with a vintage feel.” - Texx and the City
“Immerse yourselves into the reverb-soaked guitars and psychedelic themes that make the South African band undeniably great.” - Grunge Cake

The Tazers include members Jethro Lock (guitar, vocals), Tim Edwards (drums, vocals) and Guido Assmann (bass, vocals). The band was formed in 2013 when frontman Jethro wanted to channel ‘electric’ energy into his songwriting. In 2015 the band needed a bassist when a friend of Jethro recommended that Guido fill the role. The band asked Guido to join a practice and the rest is history. The current trio has played an instrumental part of the bands' direction and achievements thus far.
The Tazers have been extremely active over the past 5 years. They’ve released 3 EP’s and a full-length album, which has led them to become one of SA’s leading psych-rock bands. They’ve played all the biggest music festivals and venues South Africa has to offer. The Tazers were nominated for ‘Best Rock Album’ at the 2020 South African Music Awards (SAMAs) and received multiple film accolades & nominations for their music video ‘Plastic Kids’.
Although this three-piece fuzz band has accomplished a lot over the years, the truth is… The Tazers have only just begun.

Press & Booking:
Rola Music
Gonzalo "Gonza" Gravano - Mallwitz
Tel.: +49 171 5456496

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The Tazers Tour Dates

28/04/2022The TazersBremenKultur Kraken
29/04/2022The TazersHamburgGrüner Jäger
01/05/2022The TazersLübeckTreibsand
03/05/2022The TazersStuttgartGalao
05/05/2022The TazersJenaRosenkeller
06/05/2022The TazersHalleObjekt 5
07/05/2022The TazersViechtachAltes Spital
09/05/2022The TazersBambergLive Club
10/05/2022The TazersHannoverLux
12/05/2022The TazersMünchenBar Gabanyi
13/05/2022The TazersWilGinos Kunstcafé
16/05/2022The TazersWinterthurAlbani
17/05/2022The TazersWienB72
02/03/2023The TazersKasselTheaterstübchen
03/03/2023The TazersBerlinSupamolly
04/03/2023The TazersLübecktreibsAND
05/03/2023The TazersOffenbach am MainHafen 2
06/03/2023The TazersHannoverLUX
10/03/2023The TazersWilGare De Lion
11/03/2023The TazersMünchenLost Weekend
13/03/2023The TazersBrno-venkovStará Pekárna
14/03/2023The TazersPřerovBlues nad Bečvou
15/03/2023The TazersMostHotel Benedikt
16/03/2023The TazersBílinaRock Pub Moskva
17/03/2023The TazersBonnWDR Rockpalast - Harmonie
18/03/2023The TazersCrailsheim7180 Bar
24/03/2023The TazersParisSupersonic
27/03/2023The TazersZürichEbrietas
28/03/2023The TazersStuttgartCafé Galao
29/03/2023The TazersMannheimKulturbrücken
31/03/2023The TazersBad KötztingBahnhof
01/04/2023The TazersWienB72
08/12/2023The TazersSaarbrückenTerminus
09/12/2023The TazersWuppertalALte Schlosserei
12/12/2023The TazersHannoverCafé Glocksee
13/12/2023The TazersKölnMTC
14/12/2023The TazersBerlinQuasimodo
15/12/2023The TazersMünchenLost Weekend
16/12/2023The TazersLeitersdorfRoter Gugl
19/12/2023The TazersStuttgartCafé Galao
20/12/2023The TazersBaselParterre One
21/12/2023The TazersDornbirnSpielboden Kantine
22/12/2023The TazersViechtachAltes Spital
23/12/2023The TazersWienB72