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Three For Silver are back with new music and a new sound. “Born To Trouble” is a bold electric step for an otherwise acoustic band that still doesn’t compromise on their unique vision or instrumentation. Without an electric guitar or keyboard in sight, Three For Silver has filtered a classic calypso style through their odd and raucous lens. Filling out this new line up is Grayson Fiske on the electric vibraphone, Julian Kosanovic on the cello, and Susan Lucia on the drum set. The result is like the soundtrack to a tiki bar in hell. Indeed, the accompanying music video was filmed on location at Portland’s oldest tiki bar “The Alibi”, and features a wide array of Three For Silver fanatics, young and old, all drawn to the peculiar sound.  

Press & Booking: 
Rola Music
Dominik Schmidt
Tel.: +43 650 48 61 366

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Three for Silver Tour Dates

25/03/2022Three For SilverLörrachNellie Nashorn
26/03/2022Three For SilverDachauCafé Gramsci
27/03/2022Three For SilverKrefeldWerkhaus
29/03/2022Three For SilverHannoverHölderlin 1
30/03/2022Three For SilverMarburgQ
31/03/2022Three For SilverAnsbach Kammerspiele
01/04/2022Three For SilverStuttgartIndie Wohnzimmer
02/04/2022Three For SilverSaarbrückenTerminus
04/04/2022Three For SilverBochumBastion
05/04/2022Three For SilverFürthKofferfabrik
06/04/2022Three For SilverMünchenLost Weekend
07/04/2022Three For SilverZwickauIl Tavolino
08/04/2022Three For SilverAueKultour
09/04/2022Three For SilverJenaIrish Pub
10/04/2022Three For SilverHamburgFischhalle Harburg
11/04/2022Three For SilverDarmstadtGoldene Krone
12/04/2022Three For SilverDillenburgZum Schwan
13/04/2022Three For SilverLübeckTonfink
14/04/2022Three For SilverKielHansa 48
16/04/2022Three For SilverBremerhavenPferdestall
17/04/2022Three For SilverNorderstedtMusic Star
02/05/2022Three For SilverGrazScherbe
03/05/2022Three For SilverWienRhiz
04/05/2022Three For SilverLinzKapu
05/05/2022Three For SilverFürstenfeldDie Akte
06/05/2022Three For SilverSaalfeldenNexus
07/05/2022Three For SilverKreuzlingenKult X
09/05/2022Three For SilverSalzburgAcademy
10/05/2022Three For SilverZürichWerk21
12/05/2022Three For SilverBernWohnzimmerkonzert
13/05/2022Three For SilverHanauEllis
14/05/2022Three For SilverLauenauKesselhaus
15/05/2022Three For SilverBielefeldNeue Schmiede
16/05/2022Three For SilverBambergLive Club
17/05/2022Three For SilverDortmundSubrosa
18/05/2022Three For SilverHamburgWarenwirtschaft
19/05/2022Three For SilverFlensburgVolksbad
20/05/2022Three For SilverKielKulturladen Leutturm
21/05/2022Three For SilverOdensePosten
24/05/2022Three For SilverHannoverCafé Glocksee
25/05/2022Three For SilverWetzlarFranzis
26/05/2022Three For SilverOldenburgPolyester Festival
27/05/2022Three For SilverCrailsheim7180 Bar
28/05/2022Three For SilverDürenKomm
29/05/2022Three For SilverBündeDolbi
30/05/2022Three For SilverChemnitzInspire
02/06/2022Three For SilverCottbusFango
03/06/2022Three For SilverHoyerswerdaKulturfabrik
04/06/2022Three For SilverRodgauMaximal
06/06/2022Three For SilverAttnang-PuchheimPfingstspektakel Festival
06/10/2022Three For SilverHamburg Soundyard
07/10/2022Three For SilverViborgLindenCult
08/10/2022Three For SilverBad KönigshofenØlluminati
10/10/2022Three For SilverLübeckTonfink
12/10/2022Three For SilverHamburgWasserturm & Feuerteufel
13/10/2022Three For SilverHamburgBeLaMi
14/10/2022Three For SilverNürtingenKulturverein Provisorium
15/10/2022Three For SilverBerlinSupermolly
16/10/2022Three For SilverOldenburgPolyester Club
17/10/2022Three For SilverWinterthurMonomontag
18/10/2022Three For SilverBernCafe Marta
20/10/2022Three For SilverGöttingenCharlieBar
21/10/2022Three For SilverWiesenburg/MarkMal's Scheune
22/10/2022Three For SilverEinbeckBackpackers Inn
24/10/2022Three For SilverMainzSchick und Schön
26/10/2022Three For SilverStuttgartGalao
27/10/2022Three For SilverWeimarMonami
28/10/2022Three For SilverCottbusBebel
29/10/2022Three For SilverViechtachAltes Spital
30/10/2022Three For SilverMünchenBar Gabanyi
11/11/2022Three For SilverEbenseeKino
12/11/2022Three For SilverSt. GeorgenFümreif
14/11/2022Three For SilverWienHaus der Musik
15/11/2022Three For SilverLinzSmaragd
16/11/2022Three For SilverSalzburgAcademy
17/11/2022Three For SilverLandeckAltes Kino
18/11/2022Three For SilverHartbergRoter Gugl
19/11/2022Three For SilverFürstenfeldDie Akte