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KAИAL is a german kraut rock band which will disappear in 2030.
In order to defy Dirk von Lowtzow, the mavericks and ABBA's avatars until then, the Wendekids are now releasing their fourth and best record, "NOSTALGIA", on the market in February 2024. Tumultuous, uncompromisingly brute noise in songs like "Platons Höhle" and "Früher oder später" until singer Tobias Buder and violinist Sarah Renner pick up the pieces again and burn them together in the most intimate melancholy. Formed in the heyday of the Cottbus music scene and rekindled in Berlin's garages, the quartet stands for visually powerful, German-language band music in the 21st century. A connection of people for people, who have lived through breakups as well as new beginnings and will live through them again. In this stream, everyone is lost and everyone is saved: the souls of the lovers in Dante's hell as well as the small-town residents waiting for the demolition and reconstruction of their houses and streets. RISE AND RISE AGAIN.
At KAИAL fantasy meets reality, composed meets improvised, singer songwriter ballad meets full band noise show. Can, Get Well Soon, Modest Mouse and Herbert Grönemeyer were the godfathers, but KAИAL break away from the nostalgic clunkiness of their rock and pop forebears into the open unknown. Somewhere between Asia Döner Senftenberg and Globe Theatre, they sing German-language contemporary hymns to a society that is perhaps not yet completely lost.

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Rola Music
Gonzalo Gravano - Mallwitz


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Kanal Tour Dates

03/11/2023KANALMünchenLost Weekend
05/11/2023KANALOffenbachHafen 2