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Hayley Reardon has an innate gift for capturing the essence of people and personal history through song. At the age of 24, the young storyteller has been honing her craft for over a full decade now, sharing the stage along the way with acts like Lori McKenna, Rodney Crowell, and Anais Mitchell, among others. Reardon has toured extensively throughout the US and Europe and has released four recorded works to date. Her raw artistry boasts a lyrical and melodic weight far beyond her years, being described as “brilliantly moving folk/pop with a lyrical depth and soul” (Performer Magazine) and “a melancholy little masterpiece” (American Songwriter Magazine). Atwood Magazine calls her an “emerging voice of contemplative thought in the contemporary folk world” while No Depression writes "Reardon is truly a treasure.”
In 2019 Hayley was honored by the city of Dachau, Germany with the Ruckteschell-Villa Scholarship. The artist residency program provides recipients with the opportunity to live rent free for 6 months in a renovated historic building and work on a creative project of their choosing. The program aims to reignite the creative spirit in a city stained by its traumatic history. In the spring of 2021, Reardon will move to Dachau and begin her residency project. She intends to engage with the community by conducting a series of recorded interviews with locals from which she will draw inspiration for her writing.
Her most recent release, entitled Where I Know You , artfully explores what it means to see and understand both ourselves and the people around us. The project offers a deeply personal reflection on the way in which stories allow us to know parts of people that are no longer there. Her upcoming EP A Hundred Little Lives is due for release in 2021.

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Hayley Reardon Tour Dates

30/03/2024Hayley ReardonFehmarnCafé liebevoll & KULTurlabor
31/03/2024Hayley ReardonBergneustadtSchauspielhaus
01/04/2024Hayley ReardonHamburgBirdland
02/04/2024Hayley ReardonHamburgRadio Live Session
03/04/2024Hayley ReardonHanauMarienkirche
04/04/2024Hayley ReardonViechtachAltes Spital
05/04/2024Hayley ReardonWienHaus der Musik
06/04/2024Hayley ReardonPassauKaffewerk
08/04/2024Hayley ReardonGöttingenDots
09/04/2024Hayley ReardonBraunichswaldeHof
11/04/2024Hayley ReardonRegensburgW1
12/04/2024Hayley ReardonLudwigsburgDie Luke
13/04/2024Hayley ReardonKarlsruheNUN
14/04/2024Hayley ReardonFreiburgSchloss-Café
17/04/2024Hayley ReardonStuttgartCafé Galao
19/04/2024Hayley ReardonHeiligenbergCafé Landei
22/04/2024Hayley ReardonAachenDomkeller
25/04/2024Hayley ReardonLübeckTonfink
26/04/2024Hayley ReardonOsnabrückLagerhalle Songnight
27/04/2024Hayley ReardonBad OeyhausenDruckerei Begegnungszentrum