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And how Fandango are you? Let‘s call it charisma, irritation or sex appeal? Fandango describes a person who combines all of these. "You move like a free jazz saxophone solo." That’s what you can feel listening to the song - danceable, multi-faceted and always a bit sexy. Fandango is more than just a dance, it's the fascination about the charisma of a stranger, which makes you want to be under the spell, get into the groove and become a little bit of Fandango yourself. By the way, VIVIN were under the spell of new grooves while producing this single and you can expect something similar on the next album. The synthpop band discovers the guitar, but uses it ingeniously, like a guitar solo that chases itself and slides that let us feel the fandango vibe. The trio became a quartet. Together with drummer Klaus, Ada, Franzi and Hele joke through the video for Fandango. One thing can be revealed: It gets colorful.

VIVIN are Ada Joachimsthaler, Franziska Kleinschmidt, Klaus Zeiner and Hele Maurer, autodidacts and multi-instrumentalists. They mix electronic and acoustic sounds, beats and drums, Rhodes and piano, synth bass and bass guitar. They are influenced not only by bands like Tame Impala or Phoenix, but also by visual artists like Louis Vivin, from whom they borrowed their name and who, as a pioneer of surrealism, also finds a place in the band's self-image. VIVINs debut KAOS was released on May 10th 2019. News to come in 2021!

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Rola Music
Dominik Schmidt
Tel.: +43 650 48 61 366

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