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Tim Snider wanted to play the violin from a very young age. An appearance by Itzhak Perlmann on Sesame Street when Tim was only three and a half was his earliest musical inspiration, and it was classical music that provided the impetus to learn to play the instrument. Over the years, other influences came in - from experiences with rock (he left the violin and started playing guitar), to a Ben Harper performance through which he began writing songs, to sojourns in Spain and Cuba that added flamenco, salsa and Afro-Cuban rhythms to his repertoire. He returned to university and studied jazz for a year, found his love of classical music again - and returned to the violin.

That's a lot of music for someone so young, but the experience serves him well. He's been on stage with a wide variety of artists* such as Stell Pulse, the Robert Randolph and the Family Band, and has toured much of the globe playing his own music, which is a blend of world music, folk and jazz that appeals to the heart, the head and the feet. On his album Let Go, Jump In The River, which he recorded with a large group of musical friends*, Snider combines all of these influences in a vibrant and powerful way. The songs are driven by rhythms from Southern Europe and Central and South America and get under your skin in a most pleasant way. "Hurricane" lays down a strong start, carried by earnest violin strings, and lays the groundwork for the remarkable song "Jump In" - the unofficial namesake track - where his vision (and concept) really come to life. It's about letting go, grabbing hold of life, and that's exactly what Snider does musically - with good portions of rhythm and radio-friendly hooks.
- Phil S. -Leicester Bangs

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