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The musical connection between Alan Hugo and Patrick Unternährer already goes back two decades. First guitar lessons with the same teacher, skate trips together, first bands, first adventures on the road. A deep friendship developed and beyond that an intimate understanding of each other's songwriting. The majority of Now Swim's songs were written during the pandemic, partly produced by themselves and in collaboration with Philippe Laffer at Alterna Recording Studios in Basel. "We were forced to have more freedom due to the pandemic," says Patrick. The production was entirely subject to the rhythm of the pandemic - dates were postponed, people dropped out: Bassist LiaLow regrettably took leave to devote herself to new projects, but in doing so also made room for a new member. Besides drummer Julien Pinheiro, Fabian Kraus joined the band as a new bass player. Together, as The Cavers, they explore the shallows of life and follow its traces. Like spelunkers, sometimes determined, sometimes haphazard, but always curious.

Pressekontakt & Booking: 
Rola Music
Zdravko Rokko Konrad


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The Cavers Tour Dates

17/05/2023The CaversKarlsruheNun Café
18/05/2023The CaversMarburgQ
20/05/2023The CaversMarchKlimperstube
21/05/2023The CaversNürnbergHaus am See
22/05/2023The CaversBambergLive Club
24/05/2023The CaversLüneburgKulturforum
25/05/2023The CaversBraunschweigKaufBar
26/05/2023The CaversAachenFranz
27/05/2023The CaversLudwigsburgDie Luke