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Over the past 5 years Samantha Pearl has made her way to over seas performing in over 9 countries in Europe and the U.K  as a session guitarist and also performing her own music .She is original from California and her career in the states lead her to New Orleans where she is currently based.After performing 20 to over 30 shows a month for the past 4 years .Samantha realized that her music deserved to be heard all over the world and started booking her own tours .”It is a process that takes time to build and I will do what it takes to make this happen  “ she said. As she grew with her kraft a part of her wanted to be more of a leader and take charge of her career more .Samantha has been playing guitar since she was 5 years old and has known since she was a little girl what her purpose in life was.She is an artist and a visionary that is creating the life she has dreamed of through music and art .Over the pandemic Samantha has evolved her sound recording songs in Portland Oregon and has painted a whole series of acrylic and gold leaf paintings in New Orleans ,Louisiana .With all of the down time during Covid Samantha didn’t want to feel like anytime was wasted and stayed focused and creative.Never in her life did she aspect that painting would also be a big part of her career and has sold many prints of her work to even the fans of her music .The spare time has allowed her to make bigger steps in her career .The creative process has been so moving for her through her music and art . She says “ I will not let myself struggle during times like these and push even harder to reach where I want to be in life .The creative process of this last record has made the pandemic very peaceful  and inspiring for her .Her goal in life to share the wonderful energy she carries through music and art to the world and inspire others with her  confidence , strength , beauty and motivation that she puts into her life's work . Her energy and karisma is something that sticks with you after you see her perform and meet her.

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Rola Music
Zdravko Rokko Konrad
Tel.: +43 680 217 33 60

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