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2019 has been an eventful year for the danish punk-rock trio Rebecca Lou.The bands hard hitting debut album ‘Bleed’ has been praised to the skies in both danish and germanmusic press. Their Single ‘No Surrender’ have as some of the only danish rock music kicked the doorin on national radio (P3) and has seen heavy rotation since. They played Roskilde Festival thissummer and did it with such energy and ferocity that the biggest music mag in Denmark, Gaffa,decided to give it 6/6 stars and name it among this year’s best concerts.

“... one thing is for sure: The Gaspedal that the trio pushed to the floor at the beginning was at no time letgo off during the show“. (Gaffa)

The band’s raw, unpolished, punk-rock earworms and frontwoman Rebecca L. Armstrong’s spellbindingvocals already took denmark by storm this year and is beginning to open up the borders for an exportadventure in both Switzerland, Germany and Britain with 6-figure streaming numbers on Spotify anda just finished tour in Europe that took them by Reeperbahn Festival and Waves Vienna. It’s guaranteed to be a unique experience when Rebecca Lou heads to London to play Killing MoonRecord’s showcase the 22/11 at ‘The Old Blue Last’ and furthermore hits Germany for another tour thiswinter with a fit for fight band in match-form.

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Rebecca Lou Tour Dates

16/12/2021Rebecca LouHamburgAstrastube
17/12/2021Rebecca LouHamburgMarias Ballroom
18/12/2021Rebecca LouKielSchaubude
18/12/2021Rebecca LouKielSchaubude