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In their new single "Cold Place" the young Austrians "Old Mrs. Bates" initially flirt with the Beatles and you think to yourself, "Hey cool, rad 60s sound!" But then it happens. The drums start and you get such a beating that you have to hold on to something. And that's good. While you lull yourself into swaying security in the polyphonic lo-fi piano intro, the guys from Vienna are already preparing their attack on the calm little smiling. And then their true DNA comes out. Guitar rock - that could have been made in England - á la Pigeon Detectives, Arctic Monkeys and early Oasis. Also the Northmen of Mando Diao can be recognized in the DNA of Old Mrs. Bates. Also true here: That's a good thing.

In times of pop and often accompanying shallow lyrics and overly smooth productions, one often forgets as a musician and as a listener what is actually really important: Feeling. Authenticity. Fun!

And you can be sure that the guys from Old Mrs. Bates have a lot of fun when they play their music through the amps. How must the fans feel at a live concert? Well, thanks to Covid & Co. we will probably only find out in 2022. Until then, we must, no may, be satisfied with their new single "Cold Place" - released on 10.12.2021. In the spring of 2022 it will be even more exciting: Then follows the matching EP - more about that soon!

Press & Booking: 
Rola Music
Zdravko Rokko Konrad

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Old Mrs. Bates Tour Dates

18/03/2022Old Mrs. BatesWienB72
20/03/2022Old Mrs. BatesSalzburgRock House
28/05/2022Old Mrs. BatesWienB72
04/06/2022Old Mrs. BatesKlagenfurtHafenstadt
10/09/2022Old Mrs. BatesWienWaves Festival / Fania Live
28/10/2022Old Mrs. BatesEinbeckBackpackers Inn
29/10/2022Old Mrs. BatesHoyerswerdaKulturfabrik
30/10/2022Old Mrs. BatesViechtachAltes Spital
31/10/2022Old Mrs. BatesDarmstadtGoldenen Krone
01/11/2022Old Mrs. BatesHamburgFreundlich + Kompetent
02/11/2022Old Mrs. BatesBerlinMarie-Antoinette
03/11/2022Old Mrs. BatesBraunschweigEulenglück
04/11/2022Old Mrs. BatesPotsdamTheaterschiff
05/11/2022Old Mrs. BatesBremenGondi
11/11/2022Old Mrs. BatesMünchenLost Weekend
12/11/2022Old Mrs. BatesLinzFlorentine (Qlash)
25/11/2022Old Mrs. BatesFeldbachGlam
02/12/2022Old Mrs. BatesKlagenfurtHafenstadt
03/12/2022Old Mrs. BatesWienB72
01/04/2023Old Mrs. BatesWienB72
26/04/2023Old Mrs. BatesDortmundFZW
28/04/2023Old Mrs. BatesÜberseeFreiraum
09/05/2023Old Mrs. BatesHamburgPony Bar
11/05/2023Old Mrs. BatesOdensePosten
12/05/2023Old Mrs. BatesKleinmachnowKultRaum
14/05/2023Old Mrs. BatesHamburgDeichdiele
15/05/2023Old Mrs. BatesBambergLive Club
16/05/2023Old Mrs. BatesDresdenMora Bar
17/05/2023Old Mrs. BatesBraunschweigKaufBar
18/05/2023Old Mrs. BatesOldenburgPolyester Festival
20/05/2023Old Mrs. BatesSaarbrückenTerminus
12/10/2023Old Mrs. BatesSlavoniceBarakos
13/10/2023Old Mrs. BatesČeská Třebováklub Modrý trpaslík
14/10/2023Old Mrs. BatesMünchenLost Weekend
15/10/2023Old Mrs. BatesBerounclub Kotelna
19/10/2023Old Mrs. BatesWienChelsea
20/10/2023Old Mrs. BatesKlagenfurtHafenstadt
21/10/2023Old Mrs. BatesGrazClub Wakuum
11/11/2023Old Mrs. BatesViechtachBahnhof Viechtach