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Attention in the airport lounge: now that Erin Austin has arrived, she's also ready to take off.

Throughout her career, the New York-born, Oklahoma-trained singer/songwriter has rarely taken it easy, establishing professional roots in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Denton, Texas, all the while working under and always living up to her stage name, OK Sweetheart. After releasing her first album, "Home," in 2011, she settled in Seattle and took advantage of the Pacific Northwest's bountiful music community, writing song lyrics, recording and performing with the region's most impressive talent, and playing top concert gigs at its most touted venues and festivals. A magnet for talented and passionate people, Austin has also built bridges, forging successful connections between her peers and colleagues through intimate house concerts, dinner parties, socials and other creative collaborations.

In many ways, their presence has enriched the city. But as sure as the wind must blow, Austin remains true to her restless nature. With Austin at the center of the story, the time is now ripe for the next chapter of OK Sweetheart.

That chapter is set to music with OK Sweetheart's brilliant new EP, "Far Away." Written and recorded over the past year, these five songs bubble with the confidence and fortune needed to move forward emotionally and physically. Even though she's connected to the place she calls home, Austin is always looking toward the horizon.

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Rola Music
Gonzalo "Gonza" Gravano - Mallwitz
Tel.: +49 171 5456496

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