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Not only does Mikk have a research background in psychological processes in cultural and social spheres, her song writing is a continuous research process into her own inner, vast and only partly conscious landscape. Having grown up in the Austrian countryside and then spent most of her twenties in the UK, the singer songwriter scene she took part in there had a big influence in finding her own style. As the unstoppable traveller she used to be had to return to Austria due to Covid, she started to question her dream of becoming a researcher in psychology. The need to bring psychological questions (and answers) into songs became more urgent than engaging with theories and research papers. Now living in Vienna, as a Songwriter she serenely and productively engages with her own vulnerability and destructive human mechanisms. Thoughts, sometimes emerging directly from a dream or self-doubt, and keeping Mikk awake at night, convert into lyrics, embedded in guitar sounds, carried by her soft, powerful and clear voice. Sometimes it takes as little as a misunderstanding to inspire Mikk to write a song about it. Her songs deal with basic human conflicts, such as the search for a balance between freedom and dependency. Her songs unfold this continuously ongoing process of building and rebuilding her own character. The writing of each song starts with a question that gets wrapped into multiple auditory layers, shaping into a wholesome and provisional conclusion.  

In October 2021 Mikk released her first single from the EP "Shadow Selves". The song "Wild Ocean" reveals wavelike phrases such as You entered me left you left me Behind your restless mind to bring to the shore how one’s relationship with themselves also influences the relationship with people around them. If you ignore your own needs because of your restlessness, you abandon not only yourself but also those close to you.  

In her EP “Shadow Selves” she playfully and reflectively puts the often-difficult relationship dynamics between two people to the spot and touches on projections, misunderstandings, unfulfilled wishes and longings. Definitely one to watch for the emotions she will shed light upon through further song releases.

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MIKK Tour Dates

22/04/2023MikkBad Königshofen im GradbfeldFrequency 9
06/05/2023MikkKarlsruheCafé Nun
17/05/2023MikkWienB72 - Gürtel Connection
29/10/2023MikkMünchenSofar Session
24/11/2023MikkMödlingRED BOX