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A song about growing up in a patriarchal structure and how difficult it is for many to discard this learned way of thinking. Being wild and intuitive is then often dismissed as craziness and weakness. This was also the case for Mia, who often had exactly this experience. Then one night, while watching too much of the series "the Queen's Gambit", she found the impetus for the lyrics of "When The Kingdoms Collide". As the first of three singles from the upcoming EP - Something Divine - Junipa Gold will release the song "When the Kingdoms Collide" on Feb. 11.

Destroy something you started or better to undo it? Is this something divine? It is the connection of the wild and the tame. It is the place of longing between awakening and dreaming. The main thing is that the night is brightly lit, when you yourself no longer know what is right or wrong. This is Junipa Gold.

In Junipa Gold the soulful voice of frontwoman Mia collides with musical arrangements of her musician colleagues Fabio, Sascha and Pascal. Together they take their audience on a journey into their world. The end remains open. That is certain from the beginning.

But something about you leaves me spellbound

The four musicians have known each other for four years. They have used the fact that their musical influences couldn't be more different to their advantage to set Mia's lyrical lyrics in the right ambience. Everything is meant to be an authentic experience, for Junipa Gold herself, as well as for her listeners, and then to cast a healing spell on everyone together. Passion is needed for everything - especially to transform the simple things into something enjoyable. And Junipa Gold have mastered this without any doubt.

We can be curious, because Junipa Gold has a lot in store for 2022.

Press & Booking: 
Rola Music
Zdravko Rokko Konrad

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Junipa Gold Tour Dates

11/06/2022Junipa GoldWienB72
16/06/2022Junipa GoldNürnbergHaus am See Session
18/06/2022Junipa GoldEttenheimGallaghers Nest
22/07/2022Junipa GoldMünchenLost Weekend
22/07/2022Junipa GoldMünchenLost Weekend
14/10/2022Junipa GoldBerlinKiste
15/10/2022Junipa GoldBambergLive Club
16/10/2022Junipa GoldOffenbachHafen 2
17/10/2022Junipa GoldAachenDomkeller
19/10/2022Junipa GoldDarmstadtGoldene Krone
20/10/2022Junipa GoldUnnaMonochromat Booking
21/10/2022Junipa GoldEinbeckBackpackers Inn
22/10/2022Junipa GoldMünchenLost Weekend
03/11/2022Junipa GoldZürichJenseits
11/11/2022Junipa GoldBrunneckUFO
12/11/2022Junipa GoldKlagenfurtHafenstadt
03/12/2022Junipa GoldWienB72
17/12/2022Junipa GoldSalzburgCorner
28/04/2023Junipa GoldFeursLe château du Rozier
29/04/2023Junipa GoldMetzLa Chaouée
30/04/2023Junipa GoldOffenbach am MainHafen2
02/05/2023Junipa GoldKlagenfurtDas Wohnzimmer
04/05/2023Junipa GoldWienB72
05/05/2023Junipa GoldRankweilAltes Kino
06/05/2023Junipa GoldRorschachIndustrie 36
07/05/2023Junipa GoldDortundFZW
09/05/2023Junipa GoldJenaRosenkeller
10/05/2023Junipa GoldDresdenMora Bar
11/05/2023Junipa GoldMünchenKult9
12/05/2023Junipa GoldMarburgQ
17/05/2023Junipa GoldWienB72 - Gürtel Connection
01/07/2023Junipa GoldWeil der StadtGroove-Tonight-e.V. Sommer Open Air
15/09/2023Kendall LujanHardKammgarn w/ Junipa Gold