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Amongst a digital mountain range littered with accomplished folk-ish bands and singersongwriters, it’s a rare miracle to come across a cave so rich in jewels as the one beneath Ida Wenøe’s ribcage. While she has an obvious appreciation of Americana, her sound is laced with more English undertones: the kind of sound Edward Woodward might have heard downstairs in the local inn had the Wicker Man been filmed in a remote Danish village, while Sarah Lund scoured for clues in her jumper. Like the best of the Nordic Noir leaving the Danish mainland, the recordings are at once both sonically pure and grimy; there’s a shared loneliness that makes you feel that you’re not at all; and all the while there is an honesty to the songwriting that tugs at your sleeve. Sure, she has the usual credible influences from Vashti to Joni, from Neil Young to Danish folk hero Sebastian; and there are hints of Sandy Denny, Linda Perhacs and a vibe shared with current artists such as Julia Jacklin and Odetta Hartman. But to list artists she sounds like would be to miss the point entirely. As anyone who has witnessed a live show can attest, Ida Wenøe is very definitely Ida Wenøe. Wenøe´s debut album “Time of Ghosts” (2017) created plenty of attention, resulting in national radio coverage in the UK & Denmark, live showcases in Denmark, Sweden, USA, England, Germany, Switzerland, The Faroe Islands & Poland and a Danish Music Award nomination as “Folk Songwriter of the Year”, followed by well received tours in the UK, Italy, Germany & Austria and a growing list of international festival appearances including Folk Alliance (USA), Nordklang Festival (Switzerland), Spring Break Festival (Poland), Live At Heart (Sweden), Torstrassen Festival (Germany) & numerous festivals in Denmark. Collaborations with the likes of US artists Matt The Electrician and The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Canadian troubadour Nick Doneff have epitomised Ida’s sense of adventure and brought her unique voice to a wider audience. Second album The Things We Don’t Know Yet, co-produced by Esben Svane in Copenhagen, is released via Songcrafter Music/Integrity Records on 12th April 2019, preceded by new single Another Kind of Love.

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