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Where the desert meets the forest is the land Haunted Summer inhabit - the chaparral biome is the lush, arid landscape of Los Angeles that may have produced a rare musical harmony.  Blending LA's signature harmonic psych-rock with an even more decadent acoustic dream-pop, song wizards and husband and wife Bridgette Moody and John Seasons create rapturous, organic tracks that come from the truth of the heart.

Their debut album Spirit Guides was internationally acclaimed and helped a band with a lot of momentum to the next level.  The album highlights the underwater qualities that blossom in their sonic palette - a true shoegaze expedition through beautiful realms.  "Sour Grapes" is a blissful treasure of the rarest form, as are some of the fuzzier and heavier tracks like "Every Step" - amping up the heat but keeping the air and pressure cool.

Haunted Summer's 2nd LP "Whole", recorded with producer Be Hussey, discovers a coolness and lightness that breaks into a new realm of palatability.  It's as peaceful as the most picturesque dwelling, but harmonically challenging and interesting in the abstract, elevated moods that can enter and overwhelm you. The sounds on "Whole" create a space that a folk orchestra in a wooden dome would create, the reverberating sounds of Topanga acts like Spirit, Linda Perhacs, America, Simon & Garfunkel and always some Brian Wilson percussion and arrangements.  A pantheon of pure aesthetic melancholy to harmonize the chaos.

Press & Booking: 
Rola Music
Gonza Gravano - Mallwitz


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