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Haley Johnsen is a singer songwriter best characterized by her powerhouse vocals and unique lyrical perspective. Drawing inspiration from acts like Bonnie Raitt, Grace Potter, and Brandi Carlile, Haley writes and sings with a soulful determination that is willful, playful, but never forced. Born in Oregon to musical parents, she grew up around everything from pop, classic rock, country, and gospel, an appreciable quality that is easily recognized in her original songs.

Haley completed her first headline tour of Europe in January & February of 2019. She also toured in the U.S with electronic DJ and producer ​Big Wild​ during March of 2019 as his bass player and backup vocalist, and is currently direct support for the band Joseph across the USA through April & May of 2019. She is set to independently release her first full studio album and LP ​Golden Days​ on May 24th 2019.

Press & Booking: 
Rola Music
Gonzalo "Gonza" Gravano - Mallwitz
Tel.: +49 171 5456496

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