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“Live your fantasy and embrace the stranger side of life with Bella’s Bartok. A band known for raucous theatrical performances and an outspoken political message of finding hope in a world beset by cruel uncertainty. With utter joy, they seamlessly blend a rich cacophony of sound and soul into their music with influences ranging from Punk to Folk and Pop to Americana.  Let your freak flag fly high, fiercely and free, throw your societal inhibitions to the wayside and seek comfort in the warm sonic embrace of Bella’s Bartok. We are the night and you are bound to boogie.”
Started in the dimly lit alleyways of Great Barrington, MA, Bella’s Bartok gradually evolved from street-punk performers to an electric, interactive spectacle that has continued to entertain audiences for more than a decade. Find Bella’s Bartok on a variety of stages, at a myriad of festivals, or on the street across the continental United States. Audiences often pick up on the band’s main influences such as Goran Bregović, Frank Zappa, Mr. Bungle, System of a Down, Tom Waits and Oingo Boingo.
If you’ve never listened to Bella’s Bartok, stop what you’re doing right now. Run to the nearest computer and listen to their uproarious, joyful, eclectic sound. The band plays a mesmerizing mix of Eastern European, Americana, punk, and pop music. Their live shows are theatrical, “a mix of The Nightmare Before Christmas and the Rocky Horror Picture Show” says frontman Asher Putnam. “We are the night and you are bound to boogie.” So, do yourself a favor, practice a little self care, throw your societal inhibitions to the wayside and let yourself get lost to the tune of Bella’s Bartok — before the tumult of daily life rears its ugly head once more.
Floors may be broken but hearts will be mended.


Pressekontakt & Booking: 
Rola Music
Zdravko Rokko Konrad


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Bellas Bartok Tour Dates

14/04/2023Bellas BartokSaarbrückenTerminus
18/04/2023Bellas BartokHannoverHölderlin Eins
19/04/2023Bellas BartokDarmstadtFrischzelle
21/04/2023Bellas BartokDortmundBierschinken Festival
22/04/2023Bellas BartokViechtachAltes Spital
23/04/2023Bellas BartokAltlandsbergSaloon Buchholz
26/04/2023Bellas BartokMarburgQ
27/04/2023Bellas BartokPotsdamTheaterschiff
28/04/2023Bellas BartokAsendorfKulturhaus BO
01/05/2023Bellas BartokLübeckMaifest treibsAND