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Fritz Hutchison is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter based in Kansas City. He released his debut album Wide Wild Acres in March 2020, receiving positive reviews in the US, Australia, the UK and the Netherlands. Performing nearly all of the instrumentation himself, the album is a warm collection of americana musings and earnest rock and roll, channeling the contemplative spirit of the American Midwest through his many years as a backing musician in genres as varied as Reggae/Ska, Honky Tonk, Jazz Fusion and Indie Rock. Since Wide Wild Acres, he has released the sweet and sad country single “All the Way From Here (Happy Holidays)” in January 2021 and the unhinged rock rave-up “Zack Attack!” in March. Spring 2022 will see the release of Fritz’s second full-length album, Movie Night, a mosaic of stylistic leaps and bounds that celebrates friendship in all its endless forms.

Press & Booking:
Rola Music
Gonzalo "Gonza" Gravano - Mallwitz
Tel.: +49 171 5456496

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Fritz Hutchison Tour Dates

20/09/2022Fritz HutchisonEmdenGrusy
21/09/2022Fritz HutchisonLübeckTonfink
22/09/2022Fritz HutchisonKrefeldWerkhaus
23/09/2022Fritz HutchisonEttenheimGallaghers Nest
25/09/2022Fritz HutchisonHamburgSoundYard
26/09/2022Fritz HutchisonChemnitzInspire
27/09/2022Fritz HutchisonLeipzigTonellis
29/09/2022Fritz HutchisonUnnaLindenbrauerei
30/09/2022Fritz HutchisonMünchenLost Weekend
01/10/2022Fritz HutchisonLudwigsburgDie Luke
03/10/2022Fritz HutchisonFeldbach Glam
04/10/2022Fritz HutchisonWien Café Schmid Hansl